julia & filip

Julia & Filip is a brand created out of a passion for natural products and caring for the environment.
Its strength comes from the established knowledge and experience gained over the years by its founder.



For the environment

Julia & Filip is a manufacturer of equestrian assortments created using natural raw materials.


Our brand introduces innovative products and solutions that support environmental protection. We are present both in sport and in agriculture.

For years, we have been observing changes in the environment, degradation of land, water and air. But we believe that step by step, together we can change this trend.

Horsemanship is a beautiful sport that combines rider and horse. But no one has assessed how much plastic there is in horse management. How many saddle caps, although beautifully made, remain on our land for years after being worn out.

Julia & Filip recognise this problem and want to initiate changes to combine nature with horse riding. An assortment made of natural raw materials is supposed to be this first, important step for every horse sport lover.

Because the power is in nature!

Our presence in sport is a drive to bring eco-friendly products into the sporting world. Our first step is to introduce equestrian equipment, where durable natural fabrics take the place of artificial ones.

Our second step is to introduce a collection of equestrian cosmetics with a dedicated selection of active ingredients to help protect the skin, lips and hair from dryness and damage during training, competitions and work in the stable.

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